17th World Lake Conference[Lake Kasumigaura, Ibaraki, Japan, 2018]




Registration Categories and Fees

  Full Conference
(Fees in parentheses apply to developing countries)
(Fees in parentheses apply to developing countries)
Early Registration Regular Registration On-site Registration Advance Registration On-site Registration
Period Feb 5~
July 16 2018
July 17~
Sep 14 2018
Oct 14~
19 2018
Feb 5~ Sep 14 2018 Oct 14~
19 2018
Category Regular 16,000
(college students)
(graduate students)
Accompanying Person
4,000 1,000
  • * All fees are in Japanese yen.


  • (1) There are two ways to register for participation, "Full Conference" and "One-day".
  • (2) Student rate is available for registrants who are or will be students during the conference period (as of October 2018). Documents, such as a student ID card or official documents from your institution, must be submitted if you register as a student. You can find more detail instruction in your My Page and in the registration confirmation email. High school students and younger will be charge-free for registration.
  • (3) Developing countries rate will be applied to participants from developing countries in line with OECD standards (DAC List of ODA Recipients). If you choose to register with this rate, please submit your passport copy. You can find more detail instruction in your My Page and in the registration confirmation email.
  • (4) Full Conference registration rate for Students (College and Graduate students)and for developing countries are revised on March 2, 2018.

Registration Fee includes:

  • Participation in conference program (Full conference registration: October 15 (Mon.) to 19 (Fri.), One-day: one of the days between October 15 (Mon.) to 19 (Fri.))
  • Participants and Accompanying Persons must pay for the optional programs such as welcome Party, excursion, and participants Get-Together in addition to the conference registration fee to attend the optional programs.
  • Congress kit (includes program book, abstract book, nametag, and pamphlets, etc.)

Optional Fees

Participation fees for the following events are the same regardless of participation category or application period. However, we may close registration for participation if it reaches capacity. In that case, we will refund the paid fee after notifying you separately. For optional tours, please go to our “Hotels & Tours page”. For student conference, please go to our "Student Conference page".

Event Date Fee
Welcome Party October 14 (Sun.) 5,000
Excursions October 17 (Wed.) 2,000
Participants’ Get-Together October 18 (Thu.) 5,000


  • (1) For welcome party, excursions, and participants’ get-together, those who participate in Full Conference are given priority.
  • (2) Accompanying persons (relatives of regular participants only) may register for social events and excursions individually.

Advance Registration Period

Advance Registration is closed. Please register onsite!

Early Registration Period February 5 (Mon.) – July 16 (Mon.)
Regular Registration Period July 17 (Tues.) – September 14 (Fri.)

Visa Applications

Participants may require visa when entering Japan from overseas. Please check if you require a visa, what documents are needed, and how to make your visa application and such at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website and also at the Consular Section of the Embassy or Consulate General of Japan nearest you. When applying for a visa, you need to submit the visa application documents prepared by yourself and also the documents to be created and sent by the organizer.

Therefore, please follow the instructions provided in the email for notice of completion of your registration and to apply for the issuance of visa application documents to the registration secretariat by August 20, IN ADDITION TO CONFERENCE REGISTRATION.

Onsite Registration

Please print out the confirmation to be sent by email prior to the conference and bring it with you on site to the registration desk to receive your ID Badge and conference kit. The location and times for the registration will be announced on the official website when fixed.

(1) Registration Date, Time and Place

Date Starts at Place
October 14, (Sun.) 9:00 Tsukuba International
Congress Center
1F Entrance Hall
October 15, (Mon.) 8:00*
October 16, (Tue.) 8:00
October 17, (Wed.) 8:00
Excursion 7:00
October 18, (Thur.) 8:00
October 19, (Fri.) 9:00

* Opening Ceremony on Monday, October 15,

  • Due to security reasons, entry and exit from the Main Hall will be prohibited during the Opening Ceremony and the Ibaraki Kasumigaura Award Ceremony.
  • As soon as the registration details of October 15 are decided, it will be announced on the official website and by e-mail.

(2) Registration

  • ①Pre-Registration
    The Registration Office will be sending out a “Registration Confirmation Mail” in September. Participants who have registered “Pre-registration”, please print out the Registration Confirmation Mail, and show it at the registration desk at the venue. The confirmation mail will include your registration number, and registration category (full conference / one-day / special residential rate). Please register at the registration desk corresponding to your category. As for any inquiries concerning your registration fees, please consult the Information Desk which will be situated near the registration desk.
  • ②On-site Registration
    Those who wish to register on-site, please go to the “On-Site Registration Desk”. Registration for extra one-day tickets may be purchased here. At the reception desk, a registration form will be distributed. After filling in the required items on the form and finishing payment, an ID card and Congress Kit will be distributed.

(3) Notice

  • Those who do not have an ID card will be prohibited to enter the venue. Please wear your ID card when you visit the venue during the conference period.
  • Registration Fee includes the following:
    • ●Participation in conference program (Full conference registrant: October 15 (Mon.) to 19 (Fri.), One-day: one of the days between October 15 (Mon.) to 19 (Fri.))
    • ●Congress Kit (Program & Abstract book, pamphlets on Ibaraki Prefecture and Co-hosts, etc.)
  • Student Conference is free but the registration is required.

Privacy Policy

We consider persons registering for the conference and submitting personal information online to have consented to that information being used only for the preparation, notification, and registration at this conference in improving the operation of conference.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your advance registration or change your registration information after you finish your payment, please notify the Secretariat by email at wlc17-reg[atmark]c-linkage.co.jp. Please note that fees may be incurred depending on the change.

If you cancel your registration, you will be charged the following cancellation fees. We will refund the balance amount after deducting cancellation and remittance fees after the conference. Please note that if you cancel after September 15, 2018, registration fees will not be refunded. Fees will also not be refunded if you cancel on the day of the conference.

Cancellation period Feb 5 (Mon) - July 16 (Mon) July 17 (Tue) -
Sep 14 (Fri)
Sep 15 (Sat) -
Cancellation Fees 20% of
registration fee
50% of
registration fee
100% of
registration fee

(Deadline for registration is 24:00, Japan time.)